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Ryan VanFosson is the proud owner of VanFosson Tree Service. His passion for trees began when he was younger. He started out helping his dad run a sawmill, learning the lumber expertise. As they did logging for people, clients had begun to ask them if they could take down difficult trees. They began to do less and less logging and more tree servicing. The tree servicing became a full time gig, and Ryan worked for his dad until he was offered a job as a certified arborist for a local government entity. Ryan has gained ample experience over the years. He had worked for the company for 4 years until he decided it was time to start his own tree service and has been going strong for 10+ years. As business got busy, he decided he needed to hire some help, and has had Seth help him for the past 2 years. Call Vanfosson today to fulfill all of your tree servicing needs.

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We service the following areas:

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